Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good and Plenty CUP

Today was a very hard day....matters of the heart are always very was very very hard. Have I mentioned it was was!

I can't be funny

I can't really focus so no work has been done...list what list?
It's hard to hope even though I know that's the only way

It's hard to trust yet I know I have to

It's hard to believe but then what am I really without belief

A friend said today would catapult me - I think I like that word so I thought I should use it (a weak attempt at funny-ness today)
I pray she's right

....I can't make sense either so please forgive me :)

Today was hard

Today my BFF and my friend Kailey surrounded me with comfort....
They went to the store to make me some comfort food...
Salmon and scallops and shrimp and crab....

ahhhh sushi and I didn't have to put on any make-up or even get dressed!
then Kailey brought me one of my favorite candies....

love of dear friends......good and plenty of it is what I needed today!

and then on the spur of the moment, like the wind whirled them away before they could talk any sense into themselves......they were out the door and on the way to Best Buy to purchase some fun for today.......a latte would have been much cheaper but who am I to complain!

8 hours later and my thighs and stomach and arms and calves and butt and everything else hurt......I like distraction but hurt in another form isn't exactly what I had in mind but it was a blessing and I laughed and smiled and had good and plenty fun! Thanks friends!

Not all of today was good and plenty though......

the sprayer on the faucet is in need of some help....I kind of felt like this faucet earlier today....water breaking free from it's normal trained flow and squirting everywhere and some crusted hard water stains to boot....yes I kind of feel like it does!

Tomorrow is a new day - thank the Lord for new mercies every day!

BTW - this isn't AT ALL the "change" I told you was comin'.....this was simply an unexpected intermission. Change in a completely other form is still a comin'.



The Parsons' blog said...

Praise the Lord for good friends. Wait, praise Him for GREAT friends...Wii???!!!??? Wow!

Andrea said...

i am blessed....i guess i should clarify that i paid half!!! haha!