Friday, February 27, 2009

Help Me CUP!

I need your help my faithful friends.....

My recipe book cabinet in my kitchen is yet another big reason for my Hunt for Junk House Tour (I will blog about the specifics of this soon since several of you have asked me what exactly I'm doing)........notice the before and after - pathetic before I know....I'm still in process I tell ya!!

But notice in the after how my shelves are all one notch lower....argh!!! My house came with these adjustable shelfs with plastic plug brackets (don't know what you call them - that's my chick definition) that are horrible and really don't hold up well.....hence losing most of my crystal, including my Waterford, last year (pic at the bottom so you can cry with me - very sad day).

Anyway since I'm in my kitchen this month on my tour and have reorganized almost every cabinet now I've discovered that more than half of these plastic brackets that hold the shelves in place have broken and when they do break, some have been hanging by a thread I tell ya, they leave the plastic plug piece that goes in the adjustable holes IN THE HOLE...are you following me.....then forcing me to put the shelf up one or down one notch.

Soooo has anyone else had a problem with this? Any new brackets you recommend? The only thing I've been able to drill the plastic plug out but I'm a little scary with the man chore drill sometimes and if I try to do it on this particular cabinet - I'm liable to go right through the side since they aren't that thick and leave a hole on the outside. This cabinet is exposed to the world on both sides so that would be no bueno and I would leave it looking like swiss cheese.

Here are the brackets I'm talking about that should be illegal :)

If you have any suggestions, I'd love it!! :)

Sad day last July 29th..............this also happens to be a good picture of my kitchen before - I'll post a pic when it's done cuz the clutter has gone on the junk hunt!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week of February 15th

CUPs, Plates and Napkins

I came across this on day 21 of my kitchen tour....okay okay so they weren't stacked this neatly in the very top back shelf of my pantry that I needed to use the man chore ladder to get to them....

But I think it's safe to say that I have officially thrown alot of baby/bridal showers and birthdays at my house. This is all the "leftovers" that you can't just toss (cuz you paid good money for some of them...others not so much) but there are never enough in the leftover set for party #2 themed the same way. What do you do with these?? Do you honestly just toss them or do you find the same thing when you climb on your man chore ladder and peak in your cupboards?

Perhaps I'll throw a BBQ soon and serve the food with all these leftovers - sort of a mosaic party goods party....

P.S. I must have 300 plastic knives and 300 spoons but only 25 forks - you always buy all 3 but never use as many knives and spoons!! I guess for my BBQ all the food needs to be knife and spoon friendly.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CUP of Girl time

My dear friend Shannon came over Friday night - I absolutely adore and cherish our friendship. Ever since we met years ago, our friendship has continued to grow over the years - I'm so so so so very thankful for her and Steve (and their three beautiful kids.....I love hearing them yell out my name...Auntie AA and I do mean they can yell - it just melts my heart every time). We have some similarities in our personalities (actually I wish I was MORE like her) but it just means SHE GETS ME! This is a huge blessing in my life when somebody just GETS me and Shannon does. (I'm blessed with many friends that do as well so a shout out to them too!)

Everytime we're together is not only fun but heartfelt and packed with lots of meaningful conversation and encouragement (and okay some not so meaningful too - we're girls!). Thank you Shannon for always reaching out to me and keeping up on what's going on in my life (sorry I kept you in suspense last week..haha) - you have an amazing gift the way you remember things and are so good at following up on what's going on in others lives - it blesses people more than you probably know!

We made lattes (I know shocker but it's tradition in the old spanish trail house) and Jodi captured Shannon perfectly enjoying her latte (even though I make a mean foam, she opted for lots of whipped cream - can you really blame her??!!)

So I really didn't want to post this picture of the 3 of us but I am....remember my previous post about my new love interest...that heavenly cheese popcorn? Well I clearly ate too much salty popcorn (or I raided the morton's salt container in my sleep) cuz my face looks all puffed up but I opted for humor and memories instead of vanity - it's overrated anyway so I'm posting it!! If you're curious about how or where we are sitting for this photo shoot with that view of the family room behind.....after I made us lattes, we just decided to hang out on our knees in the middle of the kitchen. Okay not really...Jodi used the island in the kitchen to prop the camera for the self-timer and so we had to squat on our knees to avoid a very unpleasant thigh shot! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ya know??!!

P.S. Kailey my sweatshirt doesn't say Bar Hopper it says Bar Harbor!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CUP (or wheel barrel full) of Popcorn

Uh oh.....I'm in trouble!! I just discovered this cheddar cheese popcorn and I'm not only in love now (I was in need of a new love affair come to think of it) but I'm in big trouble or at least my waste line is!

I asked my BFF the other day - do you think it's as lo-cal as the cheddar cheese rice cakes that I love so much....hmmm you should have seen the look on her face in response (it would have been the perfect 365 pic come to think of it) it was priceless! Basically the answer her face gave (no words were apparently necessary) was a big NO but feel free to kid yourself and eat up!!

The Cinnamon Toast and Kettle Corn were amazing too but don't hold a candle to my new love interest!! I never go to our mall but I may soon become a mall rat.....just to indulge in this store!!

Kitchen CUP

So as you know I'm on my one room a month tour this year - touring around my house on a hunt for junk and trying to bring my life back to the organized haven I crave. Many people say "your house is always's never a mess".....that's because they don't often open my drawers, closets or go in my garage. I mean it's not like I'm a pack rat with only a small path to my bed and bathroom but it definitely became time for more than just a spring cleaning (and why does this need to happen in the Spring? I've never really understood that?!).

These 2 drawers were day 23 in my kitchen tour - 2 of the main reasons I wanted to do this room a month tour - every time you go in this drawer for a spatula, you get stabbed by a fondue fork, cut by a serrated pie spatula (is that a necessary item in a kitchen - honestly?) and lately....I haven't been able to find my cake tester - life has been hard! Not that I've been baking alot of cakes but I just feel better when I know I can find it when I need it.

Okay really yes this all fit in one drawer (the right one) - now do you see what I mean? How many cooking utensils does one girl really need? Even the knob was broken on this drawer making it even more frustrating but in my special MacGyver ways.....I fixed it (that's what my BFF calls me when I fix things but I tell you this single girl has about had it with the man chores!). "This is a man chore" seems to be a line I utter way more now than ever before.....sigh!

Awwww relief - I can see everything and I can find what I need without cutting or stabbing myself anymore! And I slept great last night because I know right where my cake tester is - it's in the left front corner!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

4x4 Cup - Take 2

I was tagged by my sweet friend Kelli (of Gleeson Wonder I call them....haha) so I thought I do this second one from my other computer cuz I have pics on 3 computers and one external drive - some day I'll have them organized....some day!??!!

Funny given my previous post that this folder was from an amazing trip....this photo is of Jodi in the Belfry tower when we were in Bruges, Belgium a few years ago (same tower the guy fell out of in the movie In Bruges - although it's a pretty dark movie so I don't recommend it but I had to watch it since I had been there :).....amazingly beautiful city...the Venice of Belgium!
Melissa took this pic though - I'll admit I was a chicken and did not climb it (nor did I climb the tower at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.....I think I need to work on this fear I'm missing out!)


P.S. Mel and Jo - remember those yummy waffles in the piazza that morning? ahhhhh let's go back!! Fun memories with you girls - can't wait for September now!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time off CUP

Ahhhhhh vacation time at home! I never ever do this but I had 3 days off this week (I have to go back to work tomorrow) and I wish I did this more often. Don't get me wrong I get lots of time off, I'm so blessed that I've taken some amazing vacations the past 10 years or so (eeeek and I'm going on another amazing vacation in September to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland and Norway - I'm truly blessed!) Because I love to travel I NEVER use my vacation time to just stay home and this week I did.

I didn't take the time off for play but to work in my home office and catch up on a ton of orders and designs. I'm weird like this.....I "recharge" and get "rested up" by getting things done and checking things off my lists - not by sleeping or just relaxing. So this week I did what I love (my stationery biz) and got a ton done and I feel so good! With all my computer issues going on I never even cried or got stressed and you know that's a SHOCKER! lol

I also worked on my kitchen since February is kitchen month - I love what I've done so far :) I'm also oddly addicted to organizing but I know I'm not alone on this one!! I love doing one room a month this year - I'm hooked! If you need to get organized or attack a long to-do list I highly recommend it. With my crazy scehdule I'm able to do a little bit here and there - if I can you can!!

Well I miss Ronnie and Debbie so I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! xoxo


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marcus Birthday CUP

Marcus celebrated his 4th Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with his best friend Lauren. They share the exact smae birthday and are best friends so their parents decided to do a party together! 30 kids at Chuck E. Cheese.....need I say more!!


Weekly CUP - Feb 8th

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thumb CUP

The Olsby family was at my house last night to celebrate Keith and Mama O's birthdays. Keith and Kari are trying to get Kate to stop sucking her thumb during the when she told Auntie AA what she "wasn't supposed to be doing during the day" we could not stop laughing and we had to get it on video :) This little one is quite the love and pretty darn funny!!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marcus CUP

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet nephew, Marcus! Happy Birthday buddy! This little guy makes my day!!! xoxo

Friday, February 13, 2009

CUP of Hearts!

Cheers to my sweet friends!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kailey's CUP

Last Saturday ended up being such a fun day but it certainly didn't start out that way...........

I had alot of biz to work on so I knew I needed to spend all morning in my office well it didn't go as planned. My computer, or so I thought crashed leaving me in a complete panic. After 90 minutes or so on the phone with India (I mean my comp customer service) - they told me it was my video card or the motherboard...sigh! My mom was in town for the weekend and sat downstairs listening to me cry on the phone wishing she could do anything to help! The Cstmr Svc man actually told me to put the phone down and get a glass of water....haha! I was just worried about the files I hadn't backed up - in the middle of so many weddings this was horrible timing!

Thank goodness for good friends like Keith who came to the rescue and went out of his way to come over (I owe you and Kari big time!!!). 5 hours later - it wasn't my computer (thankfully) it was my beautiful new widescreen monitor - and wouldn't you know - the warranty ended 3 weeks ago....sigh!
By the time he got a temp monitor set-up, I had all of 20 minutes to get ready for Kailey's birthday - I was almost going to miss it knowing I had deadlines and a sick computer but I decided I needed a break and there was always Sunday! We had a ton of fun - Kailey, her mom Peggy, Laurel, JoJo, Mel, her best friend Mallory (who I finally got to meet!) and me! Thanks for inviting me Kailey - we must do it again!

We went to Aqua Dulce Wineries for a little wine tasting - who knew it was there???!! Lots of laughs and lots of fun - too bad we couldn't really stomp on the grapes like Lucy!!!! After the winery we headed to Wolfcreek for dinner and gifts. Kailey's best friend Mallory surprised her with a homemade quilt - her very first one! It was soooo sweet (and sooo beautiful)!! Then we ended the night at Laurels house (checking out her new bathroom and kitchen) and just sat around and talked for a couple hours!! I love girl time!



How could I not post my sweet sis's birthday last week - what a horrible sister! Sorry sis - love you and I'm glad you had a very Happy Birthday! We'll celebrate again this weekend :). (Clearly I blew it cuz this would have been a MUCH better post last week than the other one - ooops!!??) Love you and thanks for giving me the most beautiful niece and nephew (above and below and every other so I can show them off to the world!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CUP of Laughs

Because I needed a good laugh this week and this made me laugh!!! Thanks Ronnie!!

Why some men aren't the best message takers.........


4x4 CUP Challenge

I was tagged by Mary (I think it was me or maybe the other Andrea....or both of us!!).

I had to go through my photos and go to my 4th folder and post the 4th picture. Ahhh the folder was "Car" and it was pictures I took when I was trying to sell my car - oh how I miss my Winnebago (aka Seqouia)!Wasn't it a beauty!!!

Ok consider yourself tagged - Jenny, Jayme, Kelli, KK, Sandy and Cherie......


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekly CUP - Feb 1st

I realized I never posted this.......Cheers!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Convincing CUP

So you know my beauty queen friend Ronnie, well it only took me about 15 minutes to talk her into doing a blog! I designed a header for her and it will be up in no time......stay tuned...I'll post the link as soon as it's a go!!!

Jodi always said I could talk people into anything (not sure I should really be proud of this fact but tis true) :). Hmmm but how come I can't talk Jodi into doing a blog - I've tried and no way no how??!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Beauty CUP

Stay tuned for beauty week (maybe longer than a week) coming later this month! A beauty product a day!! Not because I'm some great beauty but because I have tested and tried enough products in my time AND I have a beauty expert, guru, knows it all, tried it all, reads about it all, it's her passion and love and I keep her in my back pocket (okay really she sits next to me at work :)). ...Ronnie (see her hot pic below)!

Ronnie and I chat about beauty products often, exchange nail polishs, etc and especially lately with my new budget (somebody asked me what is this new budget you keep talking about and basically said oh it's called CUT). It's not really because of our economy although timing is appropriate I just have realized how many areas I can truly CUT. I'm blessed with an incredible job and business but I was also blessed :) with expensive taste so it's all about taming that urge. Ever since my sisters wedding (no thanks to sis and Shar Shar) I have been an exclusive Bobbi Brown wearer and as much as I LOVE her entire line it's not-so-cheap. So I'm on a hunt for replacement items that are not as expensive - some of her items I will not replace but that's what my new budget is about - cutting where I can but not everything :).

Soooo back to this beauty thing - the upcoming beauty week is really two-fold. I have some favs that I want to share and it's about me trying to talk Ronnie into doing her own beauty blog - she absolutely should!!! hmmmmm maybe I'll design a blog header for her to get her started :) I'm thinking PINK!!!!!!! C'mon Ronnie us women need YOU and your expertise!!! Hugs my friend!!

Cheers to Ronnie - c'mon gals let's encourage her!!! (she could also do a recipe one but I won't overwhelm her just yet.........)!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week of January 26th

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Heart the Brooks CUP

I had the joy of having some of my favorite house guests this weekend - my sis and her family! My sis brought her kids to my work on Friday so she and Rod could go out Friday night and then they drove up to SCV Sat morning so my friend Emily could take their pics in the morning then they had to leave today :(. Click her name or here to see a sneak peak! We had a great weekend - I was incredibly sad today to say goodbye to them but I was exhausted and have a ton of work to do in my office tonight (I should not be posting this right now :).
They loved sitting at Aunties desk on Friday
I gave them baths Sat morning and my sister actually entrusted me to do their "hair" for the pictures - eek! This is before I washed their hair - just FYI.

I invtied the Fontals over Sat night for dinner (Fernando, Sue, Christian, Gabriella and Cameron) and to celebrate my sister's birthday! We've all been friends since High School. Fernando knows he's like family cuz he still gets away with calling me Bando!! (if you don't know why I cannot tell!!) :)
Marcus was waiting all day for it to be "dark" which meant his firends were coming over. In the late morning he came to me and said "Auntie waiting takes forever it's so hard". I wanted to say AMEN Marcus I hear ya - it's the story of my life!!!

We ordered in Chi Chi's - Sophia loved her spaghetti!

The kiddos! The Fontals were up at 6am to play in 2 soccer games then a birthday party for their cousin and then our house for dinner - they said they weren't going to miss it!! Fun times - thanks for spending the evening with us even though you were all pooped - Sis said it was the perfect birthday present!!

Sunday morning I made them heart shaped cinnamon toast :)
Marcus got a train set for Christmas which we left at my house for when he comes to visit - we played it until the very last minute before they had to go home and he said to me "Auntie I'm going to miss you when I leave" wonder why I get so sad......sigh!