Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spreading the Word and the Prayer CUP big time!

If you have never been to or visited this blog you should! This is an amazing blog about a family and a 5 month old baby who has SVT. Jenny mentioned it one day and I've been hooked every since. "MckMama" tells her story about her family and her daily life as a mom, her love of photography and her relationship with God.

As many of you know I went through a rough patch a couple months ago when someone who got access to my blog used it poorly....I'll admit it had me stop and think, should I secure my blog, should I password protect it, should I? I do this to share and to meet new people and to reach people I'd never be able to without the internet. I've made some new friends simply by stumbling upon their blog, secretly reading it and never posting cuz I felt like a blog stalker but then I got over that and have since made some new friends, have been encouraged and touched by old friends since reconnecting this way and have had many a many laughs....oh how it feels good to laugh! So why should I block that access....but when someone has hurt you, you want to close it off. I didn't and I'm thankful!

This mom and her blog are amazing and since Stellan went back into the hospital a week and a half ago, she has been getting over 200,000 hits! What a testimony she is and what a message she has been able to share of love and hope!

She created this link called Stellan's Name Gallery where people have taken pictures of his name written from literally all over the world - the pictures will give you chills..Check it out! She has and is touching thousands of people through this physical struggle of her baby! What a testimony!

I love that our blogs can not only be journals of our lives, pictures of our memories, fun, entertaining and many times a message of love and encouragement! This sweet mom would never have so many people praying for her precious baby if it wasn't for her blog!

So blog on on!


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Jenny M. said...

Praying for Stellan! It really is amazing how her blog has had a worldwide impact...I love it!