Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend CUP...time off...sort of!

Hello out there - so I just realized as I went to post this morning that my Saturday scheduled post (my last beauty product post) didn't happen and for now I'm not sure why....I'll dig into it later and find out....oh the anticipation I can hear it (well along with the crickets).

I actually took the day off Saturday (well almost the whole day) - woo hoo! I didn't go into my office at home at all......and for good reason......

My day was packed - it started by waking up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning - gasp - yes I know! Never fear....Starbucks drive-thru at 7:30 to my rescue!!

You see....I needed to make it to Newport Beach by 9:30 for this:

and this

Do you blame me?

Marcus had a soccer game so I came prepared with my telephoto lens to capture the moment. I mean is there anything cuter than 4 year olds playing soccer??

These boys were ready to play!!

Not sure if he's dancing or running....but who cares!!

As soon as I got out of the car and Marcus saw my camera he had a huge smile on his face and my sis told him "see I told you auntie would bring her camera". However I soon realized that I had to be a little more discreet with my camera because whenever Marcus saw me he just turned and smiled at the camera and didn't pay attention and ran the wrong way...oops! Sorry Coach!

Can you resist that smile and oh the bouncy curls?????????

Sophia had a game of her own on the sidelines....

shhhhh don't tell but I think she can kick better than her big brother......

Just when my sis said that to me....out of nowhere came Marcus' big play of the day....well actually of the season....

I mean look at #5 go.....

and now this is a killer kick.....

"hey wait a sec.....I want to do that...."

back to coloring for a bit.....
what a game!

So fun to be there and to see Marcus so excited that his auntie came to watch.

Can you believe I used to tell my BFF, after her first nephew was born, that she was an obsessed auntie??? As you can imagine, I've eaten those words a thousand times over!!!!

Thanks for indulging me in an auntie moment.....I've made you all wait far too long for updated pics :) so I had to make it a good one!!

After the game I headed to a Starbucks in Newport for yes latte #2 of the day and a meeting with a wedding planner out of Newport Beach who heard I was coming down and wanted to meet with me and see samples of my work - it was a fabulous meeting and a new business contact for more opportunities!! I loved her and can't wait to work together with many new brides! I feel so blessed!

After my Starbucks meeting I headed to Irvine Spectrum for lunch with a friend I've known since we were 20. She lives in San Diego so we meet in the OC once or twice a year to catch up.

After a fabulous lunch with an old friend, I love it when you can pick up where you left off like no time has passed, I went and picked up Marcus and Sophia for an afternoon together and dinner at McDonald's (and latte #3 for me - I think I have a problem folks) so my sis and Rod could spend some time with friends. After the kids went to bed, I said good bye and headed home. I finally tucked myself in at home at 10:30! Phew!!

I will get back to my last beauty product post when I figure out why it didn't post upon schedule....for now I'm finishing up's assembly time!

These are for Ronnie's sweet sister - what an honor to work with Bernie and Rodrigo on their wedding! I love what I do!!



Jenny M. said...

Great pics!! Soak up the auntie time, they grow up soooo fast :). I'm so glad you had a work free day and got to spend time with fam and friends.

I miss you my sweet friend!!

Jayme Solomon said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun day. Great pictures too. :)

The Parsons' blog said...

Cute post with cute pictures and cute kids!! Fun. I can tell you're a great aunt just by reading that. :)

The Worsley Family said...

If that is your description of a "day off" I would hate to see what your "work days" are like! Great pictures of the soccer players.

Jason W